Terms of Use









We are responsible to:


First of all, congratulations on deciding to become a Hero and helping out people in need in your community.  To earn the title of Hero there are a few things that we need to clarify:

As a Hero and an all-round pretty great person, you acknowledge that:



You are responsible for all aspects of communicating, screening, selecting and performing work together and companionship for Members.  It is at your discretion from communication with Members, whether to accept or decline requests for service.


Home Care Heroes Understanding of Client safety, security and dignity of risk

Home Care Heroes;


Actions outside of the Home Care Heroes Platform

We are running this business in order to benefit your community.  We take a very small fee for providing this platform and facilitating work for you.  So please respect that all transactions need to be recorded on the platform.  It’s for the following benefits to you guys:

If we catch you transacting off the Platform you will go directly to Jail, you will not pass go and will not collect $200, just kidding, but we would have to remove both you and your Member from the platform and potentially get our lawyer people involved.  Which would suck because you wouldn’t be able to share your skills with others and they wouldn’t be able to get help when they needed.  And no one likes lawyers enough to want them to be involved in anything.

What do you do if a Member or Hero offers to transact off the Platform?


Independent contractor

And what does it mean for us?

Pay Day!



So you’ve decided to find one of our awesome Heroes to help you, or someone important to you.  Before you can find a Hero we ask that you have:

While we think our Heroes are pretty great and we have checked a few key things out about them we do not guarantee the suitability, conduct or quality, of any of the Heroes or Members.  As independent Heroes Heroes are responsible for their own actions and conduct.  We are not responsible for the conduct of any member on the Platform, either online or offline.


We ask that you have valid method of payment:


If minors under the age of 16 will be present during provision of Home Care Heroes’ services, it is a condition of our insurance that a guardian be present at all times.

NDIS Payments

When do you need to use your credit card?


From Tuesday 20th November 2018, Home Care Heroes is running a promotional campaign for new members who are yet to use our service and receive support from a Hero.

To give you peace of mind in getting started, we're offering 1 hour free off your first booking. This gives you the opportunity to connect with a Hero and test the waters before booking longer hours with them.

How to Make a Booking:

Terms and Conditions of Promotion Campaign "FIRSTHOURFREE" provided by Home Care Heroes Pty Ltd:

Promotion duration: 20 November 2018 to Tuesday 04 December 2018 11:59PM (unless withdrawn earlier).
The promotion is applicable only to members who are making their first booking with Home Care Heroes as a service provider.
The promotion is not applicable to members who have previously booked with Home Care Heroes and choose to book with a new Hero during the valid promotion dates.
The promotion cannot be en-cashed or changed to other benefits.
The decision of Home Care Heroes Pty Ltd on all matters relating to this promotion is final.
Heroes will still be paid for the full duration of bookings which have the FIRSTHOURFREE promotional code applied.


You are responsible for all aspects of choosing, contacting, screening, selecting and hiring a Hero.


It is the responsibility of the Member to:


Each person who uses our services;






If you create a profile on behalf of a third party, you represent that you have the authority to represent such third party and bind this person to this agreement. I.E. If you are a support coordinator and you create a profile for a participant who is seeking companionship, you represent that your participant has provided you with proper authority to act on his/her behalf and that they will abide to this agreement.

Home Care Heroes is a Platform

Our platform is designed to connect extraordinary people, that we call Heroes, with individuals who face social isolation. Every single Hero is interview based on whether or not we'd want them looking after our own families.

The Heroes solely decide whether to accept an offer from a Member to provide companionship and the Member solely decides whether to engage a Hero to provide companionship.

Member Verification

Policy for Transporting Customers

Home Care Heroes does not currently offer transportation incentives to Heroes (contractor). Transportation is including in the standard hourly per hour. It is to the discretion of the Heroes and members whether extra allowance is provided at the end of each booking.

Home Care Heroes verifies that all Heroes have a valid licence and records their cars registration number. This information is verified by HCH annually. It is important that the member (consumer) also verify that Heroes have their valid Green slip insurance and valid driver’s licence as additional precaution.

By accepting the terms of service, all Heroes must agree to;

In order for Heroes to provide transportation to Members, the vehicle must have;

You understand and agree that HCH;


Each person receives quality services which are effectively and efficiently governed. The corporate governance body of our organisation:

This Policy has been developed to be used in conjunction with the following legislation and will be used when managing and responding to community complaints:

Home Care Heroes has the knowledge and skills to implement reporting processes on incidents of alleged or known discrimination, abuse, neglect or exploitation and know how to notify the relevant external authorities.

Online mandatory reporting guide

Please contact us as soon as you notice personal abuse or any other type of misbehaviour. Heroes must contact HCH management as the first point contact, before notifying the authorities.

Incident Report Form NSW

Incident Report Form VIC

Incident Report Form SA

The key reason for reporting incidents is to learn from them and, if possible, prevent the future occurrence of similar incidents. Without a detailed analysis of incidents affecting clients, we may fail to uncover problems or situations that are potential hazards to clients or staff which could have been avoided or mitigated. Most incidents reported under this instruction are considered allegations as they are yet to be proven.


Emergencies and critical incidents in the workplace can affect people physically and psychologically, and affect program continuity of Home Care Heroes. The purpose of this policy is to ensure Home Care Heroes prepares for and effectively responds to emergency situations and critical incidents through the appropriate use of resources. The prevention and effective management of emergency situations and critical incidents can assist to minimise the negative impact of an unexpected event. This policy applies to all staff, consumers and Heroes.

An emergency is an unplanned or imminent event that affects or threatens the health, safety or welfare of people, property and infrastructure, and which requires a significant and coordinated response. The defining characteristic of an emergency event or situation is that usual resources are overwhelmed or have the potential to be overwhelmed.

Emergencies may be a specific event with a clear beginning, end and recovery process, or a situation that develops over time and where the implications are gradual rather than immediate.

Contact Numbers Organisation Phone:

Police 000

Local Police Fire Brigade 000

Ambulance 000

Local Hospital State Emergency Centre Drug Rehabilitation Counselling National Association of Loss & Grief Centrelink CEO

Home Care Heroes 1-300-755-507

To report incidents in South Australia, please refer to;

SAPOL - Report an incident to South Australia Police (SAPOL) including traffic incidents, lost or stolen property, suspicious activity, and missing persons.

If you already have a Police Incident Report (PIR) you can check the status of your report via the Track My Crime link.

An incident must be immediately reported to SAPOL if

Any situation involving client abuse by a staff member which is immediately reported to SAPOL is also to be reported to DCSI/SIU.