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46 year old female

Based in Silverdale, New South Wales 2752

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Hi, my name is Jodie,

I have always cared for others,I would visit the elderly when I was younger in my home town and have cups of tea with them ,I remember enjoying that more than play with friends ,I’ve always liked helping people.
I can sympathise with...


I completed year 12 in 1990
I went on to do casual child care work in various child care centres in the Penrith areas
I then became a nanny to two children for many years at times having extra children on a long term basis
I then worked in a factory assembly line them became supervisor then moved my way into the office crediting department,I left after my son was born
I then worked from home selling on eBay and cleaning houses for people and ironing
I continued this work as I then had another 2 children,I also had a animal rescue shelter I ran from my property till I had to move
In 2015 two of my great nieces came to live with us,being a single mum I enjoy many kids .
During the time I took on my nieces I have completed courses through Facs to understand what the children have been through due to where they came from,they have been with us over two years and will continue to be with us


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Preferred language: English
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