The Legend
of Home Care Heroes

We're Mat and Jenna

Nope, it’s not a bird or a plane — it’s Mat and Jenna, the dynamic duo behind Home Care Heroes. Back in 2015, when their family most needed a Hero, no one came to the rescue. So this husband-and-wife team turned lemons into lemonade, and created Home Care Heroes.

It all started when Mat moved from Montreal to Sydney, and brought his parents along so he could support them. Mat’s dad was recovering from lung cancer and his mum was recuperating from a brain virus called encephalitis.

With their busy 9-to-5 jobs, Mat and Jenna couldn’t always be there to give his parents around-the-clock care. They didn't need medical care, they just needed help getting around their neighbourhood and wanted good company and social activities to connect with the community around them. In short, they needed a Hero.

Mat and Jenna the founders, smiling and standing against a wall.


So, where on Earth does one find a Hero?

Mat and Jenna searched high and low to find the right home care solution. Traditional service providers were expensive and impersonal. And besides, they wanted more than a “service provider” or “carer”; they wanted someone who could be a friend, mentor and companion.

Eventually, they found the perfect person — a kind young woman, who took Mat’s parents to the beach and played guitar with his dad. She brought fun and joy into their lives when they needed it most. A real Hero to the rescue.

Convinced that there must be more Heroes-in-the-making out there in the community, Mat and Jenna decided to help other people find their own personal Heroes. And so Home Care Heroes was born.

Home Care Heroes is on a mission to reduce social isolation and build more inclusive communities in Australia, with the power of human connection.

of Australians feel lonely.

~ Lifeline, 2016


Mat and Jenna quit their mild-mannered day jobs, put on their social entrepreneur capes and set off to save their community with a healthy dose of human connection.

Sixteen Heroes in a park doing superhero poses and smiling.

Together, they’ve mobilised thousands of big-hearted, Heroes to provide affordable, flexible care, friendship and companionship for a growing community of Members, just like Mat’s parents.

All sorts of people have signed up to find a Hero. Some are recovering from illness, while others are living with a disability. Some are feeling a bit lonely. And then there are those who just aren’t as young and agile as they used to be.

Whatever the case, Home Care Heroes connects each new Member with a friendly, reliable personal Hero. They put community care in the hands of the community, breathing new life into the age-old saying: it takes a whole village.